Day Seven: Night Lights


If there is one thing I’ve learned in the past week, it’s that as long as I paint every day, I will perpetually be covered in paint. It’s all over me. My apron takes the brunt of it, of course, but it’s under my fingernails, on my elbows, my face, and in my hair. I even find it on my lips sometimes. I can take a shower and still find it on my skin if I don’t scrub hard enough.

I have also learned that sometimes you just have a “bad painting day”. That’s what I would call today. Nothing went right. I picked out a 16″x20″ canvas that just so happened to have several paintings on it with layers of gesso in between (I’m not made of money!) and picked up my brand new Color by Feliks paint set that I’ve been dying to use. Feliks is my favorite YouTuber to watch because his tutorials are super easy to follow and I always learn new techniques when I watch them.

Anyway, I moved my furniture around so I had room to paint, set my easel up, and got started. I was going to paint a whimsical little house on a hill with a path leading up to it and a night sky behind it. The paints mixed easily, but when I went to paint, they dried before I could even get them on the canvas. I love blending, so I diluted the paints with water so they would still be wet when I tried to blend them with my mop brush. They still dried too fast, so I aborted my blending mission. My background ended up looking like this.

It wasn’t quite what I wanted, but I decided to cover it up with stars. Stars make everything better! I added way too many stars to the sky, but I think it gave the overall painting a bit of a storybook quality. I almost had to add a dragon (see Day Two: Dragon Flight for explanation) but I caught myself just in time!

I’m not sure why I had such a rough time painting today, but obviously it wasn’t my fault. I’m going to blame the combination of my quick drying paints and poor quality canvas this time.

Thanks for stopping by!

One response to “Day Seven: Night Lights”

  1. Girl this is so beautiful!! I think it looks amazing! I love seeing all your installments!

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