Day 12: Spyro


I wanted to paint a dragon today, but I didn’t originally plan on painting Spyro the Dragon. If you don’t know who Spyro is, he’s a cute little yellow and purple video game dragon.

I set out on a quest to paint an epic dragon today. It was ambitious. It was risky. It was terrible.

I was using one of those “How to draw” books to sketch out the dragon before I painted it, you know the kind…

… and it was a disaster. I don’t even know what some of those lines were supposed to be!

So, I painted over that and attempted to free hand a dragon in paint, which went about as well as can be expected. (If you expected anything other than horrid, you’re wrong.)

I realized I was trying to hard. If I wanted to paint a dragon, I needed to start with something I was familiar with. I love the Spyro games and think he’s the cutest dragon in the world, so I painted him instead of some random mean looking dragon that I’ve never even met.

I’m pretty happy with him.

Thanks for stopping by!

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