Day 13: Ategnatos


Today I took another shot at recreating album art. This time I didn’t even try to make it exactly the same. I painted it in my style, added some color, and had fun.

I picked another one of my favorite bands, Eluveitie. Eluveitie is a Swiss folk metal/celtic metal/melodic death metal band. Gods, I love how many subgenres of metal there are. Also, why do folk metal bands have the best album covers?

The album I chose is their 2019 album Ategnatos. It looks like this:

As a side note, I cannot pronounce the name of this band or album but that’s okay because the two people I talk to in real life who have heard of this band also cannot pronounce it. The folk metal fan base here in America is almost as small as my blog’s.

Anyway, here’s my Eluveitie inspired painting!

Thanks for stopping by!

One response to “Day 13: Ategnatos”

  1. Beth I love this one! Will you be making prints of some of these or any of the others I’ve been lucky enough to see via other platforms? If so please let me know I’m super interested in several!

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