Day 16: Misty Mountains


This evening my dad stopped by and reminded me that he sent me a bunch of pictures he wanted me to paint a while ago and I haven’t painted any of them (oops).

So today I painted from this photo as a reference.

I have recently started practicing adding more detail to things in the foreground and less in the background, making this misty mountain scene perfect practice for me. I love the way the farthest mountains seem to fade into the sky. I also really enjoy the way the colors are arranged in this painting.

… Also, I have created an Etsy store ( )where I will be selling my paintings. I will not be making prints, but the originals are listed and live! It’s still a little rough, and obviously I will be making adjustments as I receive feedback, but I am excited to take this next step and hopefully get rid of some of the paintings cluttering up my kitchen!

Thanks for stopping by!

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