Day 77: Dumpster Fire


Today I spent about 4 hours trying to paint a portrait of a musician that I like a lot, Maria Brink. She is the frontwoman of the band In this Moment.

I took a screenshot of a music video to get the reference photo for my painting.

I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this, but fun fact:

I can’t paint faces. I can paint anime faces, and sometimes cartoonish faces, but when it comes to actual human faces, I fail miserably.

After 4 hours of work, I stopped, took a step back, and looked at what I had done to this poor woman’s face with disgust. “Problematic” is how I would describe this painting.

If you look up the phrase “Dumpster Fire” in the dictionary, I’m pretty sure it has a picture of this painting under it.

Forgive me, Maria.

I may or may not try to salvage this tomorrow.

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