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Black Friday

I’ve been working hard this week. Like really really hard. If you remember, I started a new website last week and shut down my Etsy shop. I’ve had exactly one sale on the new website. You could say it’s not going well. I decided to paint a bunch of black and white paintings as a […]

I’m back.

Hi. I took a bit of time off from my blog, but I’m settled into my new house and have been painting (and selling) for a while now. I have a little studio in my new house. It’s the first time I’ve really had a space of my own to paint in and I like […]

Day 139 and 140: New House!

Hi! I’m finally getting my new house ready to move in to! Here’s a quick tour of the yard… And the fruit trees… And the view from the front porch… I absolutely love it! However, the inside needs a bit of work, so I’ve been doing what I’m best at … Painting! Not the kind […]

Day 137 and 138: Playing with the Norns.

I keep putting more paint on this painting but not actually changing anything. I think I’ll leave it for now but I’m not going to varnish it yet just in case I remember where I was trying to go with it.

Day 136: The Norns, Part 1

Hi! I was planning on painting a landscape with a pretty sky and some of the trees from The Lorax, but my paintbrush had other plans. I’ll try to finish it tomorrow.

Day 135: Gesso

I gessoed over my painting from day 134, and I really like the streaks of blue that are showing through. I might use them as a guide for clouds when I paint over this canvas.

Day 131, 132, and 133: Gift Pours

I’ve been working on some little pours for 2 of my nieces and one of my nephews. This one is for my little girly girl, Lori. She loves all the girly things and says I’m her bestie. 💜 This one is for my tomboy, Norah. She loves shooting guns and fishing and helping her dad […]

Day 129: Starboy

Hi! I painted a shot from The Weeknd/ Daft Punk’s Starboy video. I love how it turned out. I also started a Tik Tok, so if you want to follow me it’s @ beths_acrylic_odyssey . Thanks for stopping by!


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